Nutrition Program

Our nutritional process uses symptom survey analysis to identify grouping of symptoms which may be called weaknesses, and Contact Reflex Analysis which tests specific organs, glands, and systems for their energetic competence and thus identifies areas of need. These needs are then prioritized into an order of importance to determine where to begin, and the process of step by step strengthening is underway.

Custom nutritional programs balance your glandular system, in order to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.

Foundational Steps

The first foundational steps for everyone, no matter what the unique state of your health may be, is balancing the glandular system which includes down-regulating the adrenal system and balancing glycemic regulation, enhancing digestive competence, promoting liver cleansing, and providing nutrient (mineral, vitamin, and food) sufficiency to fuel all these functions.

Customized Program

After the foundational steps are complete, we analyze the results to identify any special areas that may need addressed. Depending upon each person’s own unique state of health, these usually relate to long-term weakened systems or degenerative processes in the body. We work together to provide you with a customized wellness program, to address any specific health needs.

Balanced Health

The overall goal of your custom nutrition program is to provide an enhanced personality, general well-being, and a vast improvement to your overall health. When our glands are balanced and our organs clean and running smoothly; our bodies are resilient because the physiology is buffered and stable. When balanced, we deal easily with pollution in the food and environment, and we handle stressful situations with graceful ease.

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